Lost Among The Stars (V1.1)

Lost Among The Stars is a non-combat, story driven puzzle/adventure game.
Made in RpgMaker XV Ace for PC.
It is 5 - 6 hour game.

About the Game
Lyle is fleeing after the city he lives in comes under attack from an unknown enemy. Hearing the news that his hometown may have been targeted just prior it this, he decides to go off on his own to find out the truth. Just as he is about to embark on his journey a girl named Amy, also fleeing the city, encounters Lyle. This chance encounter might not be as random as Lyle thinks it is.

The story follows their journey around the world to get back to their family and friends. You will be solving interesting puzzles and uncovering mysteries of the world along the way.

Gameplay is much like old adventure games where you need to collect and combine items to solve puzzles. There is a wide variety of puzzles to keep you interested.

You can try a small demo or download and play the full game for free.
Size: Full Game 282MB

 Movement                Left/Right/Up/Down
                                        Primary          Secondary
 Interact/Action                    Z                       Enter
 Cancel/Menu                     X                        Esc

If you have any feedback on the game I would love to hear it. You can reach me at startrailgames@gmail.com.